Structural Health Monitoring for Concrete Structures

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is the use of a series of new and existing technologies that are designed to monitor various internal and external conditions of modern civil engineering infrastructure. SHM can be used on new or existing construction projects. Some of the technologies that are involved at this point in structural health monitoring are fibre optics technology, electronics, communications, and information technology. SHM systems can be engineered to monitor one or more of the following conditions of concrete structures:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Chloride Ingress
  • Corrosion Potential
  • Resistivity
  • Vibration
  • Strains
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Corrosion Rate

With the development of new technologies, the SHM systems are becoming more economical. Based on the additional information provided by SHM systems, owners and engineers are able to predict more accurately the longevity of existing concrete structures, and also they are able to design smarter structures. A close analogy to SHM in construction is the use of the CHECK ENGINE and other warning lights in all existing auto vehicles; when the red light comes on you know that you have to do some maintenance. Vector Construction has been involved from the start in this new emerging science, starting with research to field applications. Vector Construction has the technical expertise to deliver meaningful SHM systems for your concrete structures including design proposals, installation, and operation training.


  • Bridges
  • Parking Structures
  • Buildings
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Grain Terminals
  • Hydro Electric Structures and Dams


  • Early warning of future problems
  • Proof of structure performance
  • Extended life of structure
  • Reduces maintenance costs