Rock Anchors for Concrete Structures

Rock anchors are used in civil and mining structures to counteract uplift forces acting on foundations and post-tension existing concrete structures. Rock anchors are made of high tensile steel, and typically they are anchored in sound bedrock by means of high strength cementitious grouting for foundations and through holes drilled into or through a structure for post-tensioning applications. For most applications the rock anchors are tensioned to a force higher than what is necessary to resist the foundation uplift force. When no tensioning is applied to the rock anchors they are called rock bolts. Both rock anchors and rock bolts are eventually grouted on their full length, however rock anchors may be grouted in two steps to allow for a certain free tensioning length after the first step. Some of the more common uses for rock anchors and bolts are to provide tiebacks for bridges, to increase stability of walls, slopes, and dams, to secure surface in mines and tunnels or to secure structures against forces from wind or vibrating machinery. Vector Construction has years of experience in the installation, grouting, and tensioning of rock anchors of any length or load capacity.


  • Bridges
  • Hydro Electric Structures and Dams
  • Mining and Refining
  • Buildings


  • Anchorage into a sound material
  • Quick installation
  • Cost effective versus alternatives

Sample Project Histories:

Building Foundation (PDF)
Bridge Tiebacks (PDF)