Expansion Joints for Concrete

Expansion Joints vary from structure to structure. Vector Construction installs a wide variety of concrete expansion joint and nosing systems. Expansion joints permit volume change movement, generally due to temperature change of a concrete structure or member. These are often constructed by installing pre-formed, or pre-molded elastic materials between two slabs, between two walls, or between a slab and a wall. Pre-molded expansion joints for installation in commercial, or industrial slabs may be of fiber, sponge rubber, plastic, cork, or rubber membrane composition. Expansion joint materials are highly elastic and resilient, and non-extruding in hot weather, or brittle in cold weather. In addition to the expansion joint material, it is very important to select the most appropriate method of installation and bonding system. Many expansion joint manufacturers have their own proprietary materials and design specifications for their products. Vector Construction has the resources and experience to select and install the best concrete expansion joint system for your application.


Most concrete construction


  • Allows free expansion and movement of joined but independent structures
  • Waterproofs joint areas between different levels
  • Protection of reinforced concrete joints from corrosion
  • Quick installation