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Astoria Waterfront Bridge Replacements

Astoria Waterfront, Wins at DJC TopProjects

Submitted by: VC Marketing

Astoria Waterfront Bridge Replacements took home First Place in the Infrastructure category of DJC Oregon's 2021 TopProjects. 

The Astoria Waterfront Bridge Replacements project combines 200 years of history, six new bridges, two accelerated construction seasons and a handful of public agencies into one complex project that will keep Astoria’s historic waterfront and signature trolley car running smoothly decades into the future.

These bridges provide the only access to waterfront businesses, which are heavily dependent upon tourists. The design needed to incorporate constructability considerations for accelerated and staged bridge construction to maintain access to all businesses.

See the DJC TopProjects special publications here.

Bridge Preservation - Webinar Wednesdays

Concrete Preservation Alliance - Bridge Preservation - Webinar Wednesdays

Submitted by: VC Marketing

Vector Construction is a part of the Concrete Preservation Alliance and they are excited to announce the kick off to our Free Bridge Preservation Webinar Program that starts August 12, 2020. The aim of the Free Webinar Wednesday Program is to share best practices and spread awareness of new and innovative technologies for the benefit of asset owners and consultants. Professional development certificates approved by the National Council of Structural Engineer Associations (NCSEA) are available for all participants.

Here is a list of the topics and dates for all webinars in 2020, for registration and more information please visit

AUGUST 12 - Corrosion Assessments for Concrete Bridge Elements
Brian Pailes, P.E., Ph.D., NACE CP Specialist
Vector Corrosion Services
SEPTEMBER 9 - Corrosion Protection and Extend the Life of Concrete Repairs for Bridges
George Sergi, Ph.D., NACE CP Specialist
Vector Corrosion Technologies
OCTOBER 14 - Repair and Protection of Severely Corroded Bridge Substructures with 
Galvanic Encasements
Chris Ball
Vector Corrosion Technologies
NOVEMBER 11 - Pile Protection for Coastal Bridges
Jason Chodachek
Vector Corrosion Technologies
DECEMBER 9 -Targeting High Corrosion Risk Areas with Embedded Galvanic Anodes
David Simpson - Icorr Level IV Senior Cathodic Protection Engineer
Vector Corrosion Technologies