Concrete Protection: Sealer & Coating Services

No matter how harsh your environment, Vector Construction is a concrete contractor with experience providing a long term durable solution for your concrete protection and coating needs in Canada and the U.S.  We are experts at protecting reinforced concrete from the effects of harsh environments such as chemical attack, freeze thaw cycles, thermal shock, impact, abrasion, and corrosion.  Our Concrete Protection services include:

  • Primary Containment
  • Secondary Containment
  • Splash and Spill Exposure
  • Industrial or Food Plant Flooring

Protecting Concrete for Longevity and Safety

We tend to think of concrete as being very tough. It makes up solid and safe things like streets, bridges, and sidewalks. And yet, without some protection, concrete is inevitably going to disintegrate just like any other surface with high traffic or use. How can you ensure that the concrete you use is protected and will last as long as possible? And what if you have poured concrete in harsh environments like factories or production facilities where harsh chemicals may come into contact with the concrete floors on a regular basis?

Sealing and WaterproofingProtective-Coating-for-Concrete-206x300.jpg

Sealing concrete is the first and basic step towards ensuring that your concrete is protected. Concrete may seem to be ‘waterproof’ and in some ways it does do well in wet conditions. But over time, concrete can degrade without proper waterproofing and sealing. Naturally, it is going to be important to choose sealers or waterproofing options based on the conditions. There are many options and it’s critical that you choose the right sealer or waterproofing treatment for the situation.

Industrial Coatings

If you expect your concrete floor or containment to be exposed to corrosive liquids, it’s critical that you add an industrial flooring layer which will protect the concrete. While concrete is a very important and durable floor material, the last thing you want is to allow it to come into contact with chemicals that can damage the concrete. Industrial flooring protects the underlying concrete and lengthens the life of your concrete.

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Selecting the proper protective coating for the environment is paramount in a successful coating application. As a professional concrete company, Vector Construction uses its experience with a variety of chemicals and conditions to assist you in selecting the appropriate concrete protection system for your structure.