Geospray Pipe and Culvert Lining

What is GeoSpray?

GeoSpray geopolymer is a high performance, fiber-reinforced mortar designed for structural rehabilitation. It may be used for many applications including pouring, placing, trowelling, spraying, or centrifugal casting. 

Geospray has been proved effective for us in rehabilitation of:

  • pipes and other structures in Civil Infrastructure;
  • gas, oil, and chemical industries;
  • repair of tunnels, bridges, roads; and
  • repair of buildings and containment areas.

GeoSpray Composition

GeoSpray is made from a natural mineral polymer and recycled industrial waste streams, and is high-strength and ultra-low porosity. Geopolymers have been proven to provide enhanced physical performance to traditional cementitious binders, and with the added advantage of increased fire and chemical resistance.

Safe & Sustainable

GeoSpray is a safe and sustainable option, featuring the following benefits:

  • Styrene free;
  • Contains no leachable toxins;
  • Locally manufactured;
  • Delivers lower greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • Over 50 percent of its raw materials come from recycled industrial by-products.

Pipe & Culvert Lining

GeoSpray shines as a pipe and culvert liner.  Unlike other cementitious mortars and grouts, GeoSpray geopolymer spray-applied liners facilitates the creation of a new structural pipe within the old pipe. This process requires no digging, virtually eliminating traffic delays, and is faster to install than many other repair or rehabilitation products. The result is improved performance and strength, and lower total installed costs than alternative methods, including SPR, CIPP and sliplining.

Cost Effective

Geospray is a cheaper and simpler product for structural rehabilitation. Overall, users typically see lower installation and overhead costs when compared to alternative methods – as well as faster installation times, and less disruption to the public during the repairs. GeoSpray features high flexural and bond strengths, high early and ultimate strengths, and great adaptability – it adapts to any shape including bends, curves, and angles.

For greater structural rehabilitation, GeoSpray has many benefits. GeoSpray provides physical properties similar to cement mortars, but with chemistry more similar to that of engineered stone, and because of its unique chemical nature it prevents cold joints between layers. It can also be applied to any shape space, including right angles and curves – making it one of the simplest mortars on the market.

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  • Geospray Application
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