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Railroad and Transit Concrete Restoration & Repair

counterweight-after-1-225x300.jpgRail and transit structures, such as railroad bridges, can be located in extremely aggressive environments that cause deterioration over time. If your structures are showing their age and are in need of an upgrade, consider Vector as your problem solving specialist.

Vector works for large and regional firms across North America to upgrade critical infrastructure that keeps freight and people moving.

Our concrete and corrosion experts do more than just fix structures. We provide assistance during project design and suggest repair options that are both constructible and durable. Then, we deploy expert project scheduling and resource planning to safely deliver superior projects on time and on budget.

Our rail and transit concrete repair and restoration services include:

  • Concrete, masonry and timber bridge repairRailroad Concrete Repair
  • Tunnel repair and waterproofing
  • Station and platform repair
  • Post-tensioned structures
  • Marine structures
  • Design-build-maintain options

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Download Railroad and Transit Brochure

Vector Construction offers expert concrete repair and corrosion mitigation services for rail and transit structures throughout Canada, including Saskatchewan, Ontario, BC, Manitoba and Alberta, as well as in the U.S.. Call us today for a free quote.