What is Involved in a Concrete Bridge Rehabilitation Project?

by Cynthia White | September 6th, 2019 | in Concrete Repair

Whether it is for pedestrians to walk across, or for vehicles to drive, bridges serve an important purpose in our lives. A bridge that fails can be catastrophic, so constant monitoring and maintenance is required for these massive concrete structures. Although each project is unique, we will be looking at what is generally involved in a concrete bridge rehabilitation.

Concrete Bridge Rehabilitation

First, a concrete preservation specialist will need to evaluate the structure to determine problem areas and areas of potential weakness in the concrete. There are several different assessment tools that the specialist will use to assist this process, such as ultrasonic tests, visual inspections and petrography.

Based on the information gathered throughout this process, the specialist will develop a rehabilitation plan.

Most bridge rehabilitation plans will require some degree of concrete repair. This could include patching and reinforcing existing concrete, or breaking out, forming and pouring new patches. Often, concrete work is required on the deck of the bridge, but other areas of the structure may need work as well.

Epoxy injection of cracks can also be used in some situations, to help reuse existing concrete. This uses a special epoxy that is injected into the crack and restores structural strength, while also sealing and preventing further water from entering and continuing to damage the structure.

Depending on the bridge, further reinforcement may be required. This can be done using either carbon fibre or steel plate strengthening. This material can be externally bonded to some concrete structures, providing further strength and reinforcement of existing concrete.

Once rehabilitation is complete, the concrete should be sealed to continue to protect it. This is also a great time for the installation of galvanic anodes to continue to protect the newly rehabilitated bridge.

Bridges serve an important role. Those using them are placing their trust that the bridges are properly built, and maintained. For your concrete restoration needs, put your trust in Vector Construction.