What is GeoSpray geopolymer, and how is it used?

by Cynthia White | November 15th, 2018 | in Concrete Repair

Q: What is GeoSpray geopolymer ?
A: GeoSpray geopolymer is a high performance, fiber-reinforced mortar designed for structural rehabilitation.

GeoSpray geopolymer

What is GeoSpray geopolymer, and how is it used?

When repairing concrete or strengthening infrastructure, GeoSpray geopolymer has become one of the best products on the market. It is a mortar designed for structural rehabilitation. What makes it different from the average mortar is that it is reinforced with a natural mineral polymer that gives it added strength and ultra-low porosity. It is also more environmentally-friendly because it is made from recycled industrial waste streams.

No matter the structure is it being used on, GeoSpray geopolymer has proved incredibly effective. It can be used to repair tunnels, roads, bridges, buildings, and containment areas both in urban and rural areas as well as commercial or residential areas. It is excellent for any kind or structural rehabilitation because it has high flexural and bond strengths, which means it can cover any area and bond well, adding strength and longevity to the structure. It can be used on any shape, angle, bend, or curve.

Where GeoSpray geopolymer really shines is as a pipe or culvert liner, especially one that’s underground. Instead of having to dig up the pipe, remove and replace it, and then cover it over again, a trained applicator can go down into the pipe or culvert and start spraying the substance on the walls. This spray-applied culvert liner acts as if a new pipe has been installed inside the old one. There’s no need to replace the old pipe or culvert because this geopolymer coats it from the inside and strengthens it.

There are also two more huge advantages of using GeoSpray geopolymer. First, it’s a sustainable option, being styrene and toxin free. Since it’s produced from recycled industrial by-products, it’s removing pollution as well. Second, it’s a cheaper and simpler product. There are lower overhead and installation costs because of its ease of application.

So if you’re looking for a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution to your structural rehabilitation needs, contact Vector Construction. We can answer any questions you may have and show you how great GeoSpray really is.