What are Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems for Concrete?

by Cynthia White | May 1st, 2019 | in Concrete Repair

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Corrosion is a naturally occurring phenomenon. If you leave metal or even concrete outside, exposed to water and other environmental hazards, it eventually will naturally corrode. Unfortunately, this means that metal and concrete structures can be at risk to prematurely corrode, costing thousands or more to fix and repair them. Thankfully, to help prevent this, there is a concrete protection system called a “Impressed Current Catholic Protection System”.

Corrosion happens when ions from a structure bond with an outside element, such as water or soil. Overtime, the loss of these ions leads to slow degradation and corrosion of the structure often referred to as rusting. A cathodic protection system works to inhibit this process, and provide concrete protection.

How does it work?

The Cathodic Protection System works by using an anode to provide a current through the structure. This current works to prevent the natural processes, and actually prevents the ions from leaving the structure and bonding with the sorrounding elements. One important consideration is that this system works only when the surrounding environment allows the flow of current. Unfortunately, air is not electrically conductive, and therefore this system only works to protect buried and submerged structures.

Impressed Current Systems use an external power supply to provide the electrical charge. This is an advantage over galvanic systems, as the current can have a higher output, with the use of fewer and longer lasting anodes. These systems also allow for greater control, and more ease of monitoring.

If an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System sounds right for your application, make sure to contact the experts at Vector Construction.