Concrete Repair Challenges in Winter

by Carleen Geisler | October 24th, 2017 | in Concrete Repair

Q: Can you do concrete work in winter?
A: Yes. Although it is better to do concrete in warm wheater, if winter concrete repair is required it can be done - by experts.

Generally, it is best practice to repair and pour exterior concrete in in warmer seasons, but there are times where concrete repair is required in winter.

Repairing concrete is a challenge in the best of conditions. This is especially challenging in the cold winter months, such as in Canada and the northern US states. Few companies have become as respected as Vector Construction at dealing with concrete repair in winter.

But repairing concrete in the cold weather in cities such as Toronto, Canada, possess even more challenging than a fair-weather job.

Working in frigid temperatures brings about a very simple challenge – what concrete mix will cure in such cold weather. Normally, concrete cures quickly, building strength and durability as it sets. But with icy-cold weather, this curing process works very slowly. Extra care must be taken to ensure the concrete sets properly. Using the proper materials, hoarding, controlling the concrete temperature during curing, and knowing exactly how to work in the weather, is something that Vector is well experienced in.

Toronto in winter

But it’s not just the cold that’s a challenge. Snow, ice, and wind that accompany the cold weather can also complicate the curing process. Trying to do everything properly while protecting your employees in such weather can provide another difficult challenge. Access to the area required to be repaired can often be problematic due to ice and snow.

Concrete repair in large cities such as Toronto usually involves a higher amount of vehicle & pedestrian traffic to prepare for and navigate. Repair work must be done as effectively and efficiently as possible to avoid safety and security issues as a result of any congestion caused by the repair work area.

Vector Construction is a concrete preservation & protection company with offices throughout North America. If you are in Toronto, or any cold-weather area of Canada or the United States, and you need concrete repair or restoration done right, contact Vector Construction and we’ll make sure your repairs are done to the highest standards.