Cathodic protection for corrosion control in concrete structures

December 13th, 2017 |

Concrete is strong in compression but weak in tension. That is why we use steel to created reinforced concrete. But one of the limitations with using steel to reinforce concrete is the potential for corrosion that will cause concrete damage and eventually reduce the strength of the structure. In fact, with many structures that are beginning to lose their strength, and corrosion is the most common reason for concrete durability issues.

concrete integrity

Cathodic protection is a technique used to control corrosion in reinforced concrete. There are two type of cathodic protection, impressed current.

Impressed current protection uses an external DC power source to make sure that the current is strong enough to protect the metal from the elements. ICCP, for example with Lida MMO Titanium Anodes, gives you a high level of protection but requires monitoring, such as with the StructureView system, to assure its continued success.

With galvanic protection, an artificial anode made of sacrificial metal, is the area that should corrode and rust away. The weight-bearing or structural reinforcement, is protected and doesn’t corrode away. For example, embedded galvanic anodes like Galvashield XP are used to extend the life of concrete patch repairs.

Vector Construction is a cathodic protection contract with on staff NACE Certified Cathodic Protection Specialist and Technicians. Vector has been at the forefront of using cathodic protection, using many patented and proprietary specialized products and corrosion technologies in order to ensure that the concrete structures that they build will maintain their strength and durability for as long as possible.

No matter what the structure, Vector Construction will use the very best in cathodic protection. It doesn’t matter where the structure is located, from high above the ground, such as a bridge or tower, or deep in seawater, such as a bridge submersible or port, Vector Construction has the equipment and training to take care of any situation in which you need to build concrete.

For more information, or to begin to discuss how Vector Construction can help you with your structural needs, contact us and let us help you. Our experience and expertise is second to none.