Can polymer concrete overlays extend the life of a concrete structure?

by Cynthia White | February 25th, 2019 | in Concrete Repair
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As concrete ages, it can begin to look worn-out, tired, and aged. Concrete structures that once looked appealing begin to look like a relic from the past. Replacing these concrete structures can be not only an expensive endeavor, but also messy and time consuming. Thankfully, there are modern day solutions to fix that worn out concrete structure in the form of polymer concrete overlays. These polymer overlays can extend the life of your existing concrete structures.

What is a Polymer Concrete Overlay?

Concrete polymer overlays are polymer-based resins that can be applied over an existing concrete structure. These overlays adhere excellently to existing concrete, and can provide not only an aesthetic boost, but also provide protection for the old concrete. Polymer overlays can be applied in very thin layers, or several inches thick.

Improve Appearance

One way that the concrete polymer overlay extends the life a structure is by improving its appearance. Applying a polymer concrete overlay allows the existing concrete to be covered up with a new layer. This layer gives the options to add new patterns, textures, and colours. This means the professional installers are able to match other concrete features, or give old concrete the look of natural brick or stone, without redoing the whole structure.

Protect the Concrete Structure

Polymer overlays are also able to provide protection for the old concrete structure. The polymers are resistant not only to harsh UV exposure, but also to most chemicals, salt, and extreme cold and heat. The polymer also acts to preserve the integrity of the structure, making it further able to withstand traffic and use for years to come.

If you are tired of your old concrete structure looking old and worn out, consider having Vector Construction apply a polymer concrete overlay to your pre-existing concrete. Not only will this protect it, but it will also add style that you can enjoy for a long time.