How to Evaluate the Need for Repair in a Concrete Structure

by Cynthia White | June 12th, 2019 | in Concrete Repair

How to Evaluate the Need for Repair in a Concrete Structure

It is inevitable that all concrete will eventually crack and degrade to a certain degree. Cracks are not only unsightly, but may hinder performance or integrity of the structure. You may need to consider repair to help with concrete structure strengthening. It is difficult to evaluate is the need for repair of a concrete structure, but following these tips may help.

Evaluating the Damage

The first thing to assess is the crack or cracks themselves. You should measure the cracks and determine the diameter of them. You should also take a long and observe whether the structure was reinforced with steel bar or mesh, or is just concrete. Another observation you should make for a complete evaluation is whether the crack is dormant and not growing in size, or whether it is active and continuing to get larger.

Crack Diameter

The crack diameter or width is an excellent indicator of the severity of the crack. Professionals will use a crack comparator card to estimate the width, which lets them determine which repair option may be best for this crack size.

Steel Rod Reinforcement

Steel reinforcement can help to limit the crack sizes, and it is important to know if your structure has it present. It is also an important piece of information in determining the best repair approach, and the best method of protection against future cracks.

Dormant or Active

The key reason to evaluate whether a crack is active or dormant is to determine the best method of repair. Dormant cracks are able to be repaired using rigid material, whereas active cracks may require flexible materials that will not stretch and move should the structure continue to shift.

These key things are an essential part in determining repair options for a concrete structure. If this sounds intimidating, then consider having Vector Construction come and assess your concrete structure and provide you with the best repair options.