Environmental Benefits of Using Concrete

November 29th, 2018 | in Latest News
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Concrete is often seen as a negative when in the context of the environment. “Pave (Concrete) the World” is used to talk about urbanization and the loss of our green space.

However, using concrete is a good thing. Concrete is long lasting and durable – standing up to the stress of our harsh weather conditions. Ensuring that infrastructure is durable means that it will be less likely to break down, causing increased resources & waste. Durable infrastructure is sustainable infrastructure.

Some of the benefits of using concrete include:

Waste Reduction. Added durability means less maintenance and less material associated with the maintenance. Concrete is a combination of natural products and packaging of the components is minimal. Reduced maintenance means a reduction in material plus peripheral waste created by repair crews. Types of waste would include: cardboard, concrete, drywall, insulation, metal, and paper products.

Decreased Energy Consumption. Sustainable engineering for construction projects typically results in an energy savings of approximately 37 percent. Concrete is a great sound insulator and concrete buildings provide great thermal protection from the heat or cold.

Concrete is not combustible. Although not an environmental advantage, concrete is not flammable, nor will it rust or rot. Lower insurance premiums and occupant safety are results of this property of concrete.

Maintenance is lower. When compared to other building materials, concrete requires less maintenance and is more impervious to the elements. Often concrete buildings won’t even require painting – just cleaning as required. This is great for the environment. Less equipment, less disruption of the surrounding area and less time / money spent on the integrity of your building.


Concrete is in! Concrete is cool, and not just literally. Slap a living wall on the side of your building, install high quality thermal images, & design shapes that you can’t do with wood. Do your part for the environment – Create an environmentally-friendly, long lasting concrete building.