Concrete Repair and Protection is a Health Issue in Food Processing Facilities

December 13th, 2018 | in Concrete Repair

When working in food processing facilities, concrete repair and protection is a strictly controlled health issue. Food processing facilities require the use of contractors with strong experience in this field to ensure that the job is done without compromising the sensitive health status of the food processing facility.

Hygiene in food processing plants is heavily regulated. This means of course that the floors of the food processing facilities also need to comply with strict requirements – careful thought is required to which products and techniques are used when repairing and protecting the concrete throughout a food processing plant.

While concrete is a very durable flooring option, food processing facilities contain a number of substances that can challenge even the strongest of materials: these substances may include items such as fermented fruit, sugars, or dairy. Many facilities regularly pressure wash their floors to ensure cleanliness – meaning that the concrete needs to withstand a great deal of pressures and challenges.

When working in a food processing plant, a contractor must be committed to working closely within regulations and quality standards to ensure that no health issues arise within the work being performed. A commitment to safety while repairing or replacing concrete within a food processing plant means that a business owner does not need to worry about potential health hazards down the road.

Food processing facilities throughout Canada can be assured by the commitments and confidence in Vector Construction – we have the experience and know-how to work within food processing facilities to repair concrete within.